(This Page Still Under Construction.) Here you will find everything about quests around Pokemon Online.

Name Min Level Vip Location Reward
The New Medicine Quest 10 No Pewter 525 Dollars,2000 Exp
Rock Stone Quest 30


Pewter Rock Stone
Lost Clefairy Any level No Pewter
Rock Challenge No Pewter
Lavander Cemetery Quest 20 o 45 No Lavander 425 Dollars
Alakazam's Training 20 Yes Saffron $325,15000 exp
Lost Rhyme Book (?) Saffron
The Charmander's Flare Quest 8 No Vermilion 85 Dollar
The Singers Quest No Vermilion
Nervous Growlithe Quest No Vermilion
SvkE Box 1 (?) Vermilion SvkE Box 1
Rattatas and the Apples 10 No Celadon 325 dollars, 1000 exp
Adam and Eve 30 No Celadon
The Rocket Team Quest 40 Yes Celadon Svke Box 2
Mr. Mime Cooking Pallet
Message to Ash Pallet
Sushi Delivering Pallet
Message to Gary Oak Pallet
SvkE Box 3 (?) 60 Pallet SvkE Box 3
Sad Butterfly Viridian
Important Message Viridian
Pokémon Gastly Quest Saffron Abra
Gary Research Viridian
Fishing Master Cerulean
Burning House Cerulean
Gyarados Soup Cerulean
Looking for a Nidoran ♂ Cerulean
Lost Pokéballs Cerulean
Venom Challenge Cerulean
Pokémon Egg Cerulean
Fighting Tower Fuchsia
Chuck Challenge Fuchsia
Ninja Training Fuchsia
Sad Meowth Fuchsia
Farfetch'd Sticks Fuchsia
Pewter Churros Cinnabar
Ice Island ???
Pyramid Journey ???
Dry in the dessert ???
Dragon Flute ???
Vocation ???
Agatha Quest 100 ??? 2 Boost Stone