Bellsprout Bellsprout
HP: 688
Exp.: 65
Type 1: Grass.
Type 2: None.
Level Required: 5
Evolutions: Weepinbell requires level 25, Victreebel requires level 50
Description: Its bud looks like a human face. Because of the bud, it is rumored to be a type of legendary mandrake plant.
Attacks: Razor Leaf - m1 - level 10

Vine Whip - m2 - level 12

Acid - m3 - level 8

Slash - m4 - level 5
Habilities: Cut.
Good against: Ground/Rock/Water.
Disadvantage: Bug/Fire/Flying/Poison
Sounds: Unknown.
Behaviour: Passive.
Location: Almost everywhere that has grass
Loot: Seed, Leaves, Bag of pollem